Kenneth F. Christensen, Socialdemokraterne

Kenneth F. Christensen

Socialdemokratiet, Kommunalbestyrelsesmedlem

Født den 22. januar 1976 (45 år).


Folketingsvalget 2015

2. stedfortræder for Socialdemokratiet

Københavns Omegns storkreds

1466 personlige stemmer

1322 partistemmer

Folketingsvalget 2011

2. stedfortræder for Socialdemokratiet

Københavns Omegns storkreds

1921 personlige stemmer

1595 partistemmer

Folketingsvalget 2007

1. stedfortræder for Socialdemokratiet

Københavns Omegns storkreds

1548 personlige stemmer

1557 partistemmer


Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Documentation please??? 23. november 2020, 09.32
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump You are making democracy abuse! You lost! Get over it!!! 11. november 2020, 13.33
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump 7. november 2020, 17.55
Kenneth FC @bainepryer @Dereklv45 @realDonaldTrump @EveningEdit If you have proof please send it to the court or publish it on… 7. november 2020, 17.52
Kenneth FC Congrats USA. 7. november 2020, 17.42
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Yes. Please stop your fraud! Please respect the democracy. Every vote counts! 5. november 2020, 17.33
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump You dont like democracy? 5. november 2020, 07.37
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Make America great again with a president WHO has a respect for the democracy. Bye Bye Trump 27. oktober 2020, 04.27
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump If you want to see a TOTAL FAILURE try look in the mirror 18. juni 2020, 04.18
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump When your own results are terrible, try cover it up by shooting at everybody else.… 18. juni 2020, 04.15
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Yes. Make America great again. Lets get a worthy President! 24. maj 2020, 10.07
Kenneth FC @Haddifax Er du i gang med at lave en Haddigate? 22. maj 2020, 20.28
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Trumpgate 17. maj 2020, 06.24
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Are you tweeting about your succes? 6. maj 2020, 19.28
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump I love when you say other people are lying. Look in the mirror please! 30. april 2020, 09.01
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Fake news 29. april 2020, 08.18
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump You know you were caught on camera while you said it? 26. april 2020, 11.15
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump Are you lying to yourself ore are you lying to everybody? 26. april 2020, 11.13
Kenneth FC @realDonaldTrump It must be great to have the republikanske party to cover up for you! 1. februar 2020, 08.41
Lizette Risgaard RT @LRisgaard: Vi bliver hverken rigere eller klogere af, at @regeringDK har skåret over 6 MILLIARDER kroner på uddannelse siden 2… 15. marts 2019, 20.42