Sara Olsvig, Steen Brogaard, Folketinget

Sara Olsvig

Inuit Ataqatigiit, Antropolog

Født den 26. september 1978 (43 år).


Sara Olsvig Looking forward to join #UNLEASHGreenland next week in Nuuk, where young people from the #Nordic and #Arctic countr… 17. august 2022, 10.35
Sara Olsvig Giitu, Sápmi! 12. august 2022, 13.34
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Sara Olsvig Our organisations have worked together for decades in the promotion and recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights,… 11. august 2022, 09.40
Sara Olsvig In Jiellevárri/Gällivare, Sápmi to take part in the 22nd Saami Conference. Will address the conference at the openi… 11. august 2022, 09.38
Sara Olsvig Protecting the Arctic is to protect the planet! #IndigenousDay #WeAreIndigenous #Inuit #Arctic… 9. august 2022, 14.45
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Sara Olsvig On the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, we want to remind our governments and the international society, th… 9. august 2022, 14.43
Sara Olsvig Inuit health and food security, and our cultural, economic, and social survival depend on the protection of our env… 9. august 2022, 14.42
Sara Olsvig Recognizing the right of a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment as a human right is a paradigmatic shift in… 9. august 2022, 14.40
Sara Olsvig Wishing everyone a happy International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples! So much achieved since the first meet… 9. august 2022, 14.37
Sara Olsvig @IWGIA Mange tak, @IWGIA! Glæder mig til vores fortsatte gode samarbejde. 1. august 2022, 21.40
Sara Olsvig A milestone in human rights and environmental advocacy! Highly relevant and important for the #Arctic and for… 28. juli 2022, 23.27
Sara Olsvig Qujanaq to all delegates and staff for a successful GA and thank you all for the trust. We will continue our work… 28. juli 2022, 00.02
Sara Olsvig Highlights from our GA Declaration include Good Governance, Security and Inuit Nunaat, Health and Wellness, Languag… 27. juli 2022, 23.57
Sara Olsvig Our General Assembly theme was Pertujaassuseq Eqqissinerlu – Strength and Peace. The Kalaallisut word pertujaassuse… 27. juli 2022, 23.55
Sara Olsvig July 19-21, 2022, Inuit delegates from Greenland, Chukotka, Alaska and Canada met online for the 14th Inuit Circump… 27. juli 2022, 23.54
Sara Olsvig The Inuit Circumpolar Council #Greenland Delegation before today’s opening of the ICC Hybrid General Assembly, star… 19. juli 2022, 23.31
Sara Olsvig The Inuit Circumpolar Council General Assembly will start today. Most of the ICC #Greenland delegates are gathered… 19. juli 2022, 13.41
Sara Olsvig @LinMortensgaard @DFF_raad @diisdk @PolsciCph Pilluarit! 👏🏽🎉 7. juli 2022, 11.55